How a normal morning/day unfolds you maybe wondering?

Here goes: Myself or another team member of mine shows up 15 minutes prior to start time. That arrival time is for our staff to set up properly. Plug in tools, move some chairs around and set up shop.
This can be done in a parents home, clients home, apt, studio, hotel or venue.
Wherever you need be, we arrive!
Pretty magical!

How many artists would you book for my day??

Common question- no worries.
Once I get the definitive headcount signed on our contract that number stands. It is than, that I properly staff myself.
Many times it is only myself, as I do both hair and makeup. Sometimes it’s another senior artist along with me or even three!
Timing also comes into play- in the end, I as the owner choose how many artists need be put on site to complete the job with enough cushion.


Yes we have a complete 3 page contract written up which basically states, that we are working together and the date is saved for you. That being said, once signed we have a commitment and it can not be broken as we turn down LOADS of other brides for the same date. If contract is broken, all monies is owed to KLP hair and makeup designs.
A deposit of 50% ($250 minimum*) is taken to hold the date. That total is than deducted from the remaining balance.

Tip per artist and travel fee is not included in total of hair or makeup.
*There is a $500 minimum booking rate for wedding day services provided at your wedding location.

How much do we charge for travel?

It all depends. Once an exact location/venue/address is provided a quote will be provided in writing on contract.

What happens if one of our artists get ill and can’t come?

We still come. We have enough staff where we have all of our basis covered.

Why airbrush over traditional?

Airbrush all in all is just better. Better quality.
Fights oily skin, especially when dancing the night away or having a few glasses of champagne. It also helps to target area any blemishes, and rosasea.
Acne scars? Gone! Wrinkles? Gone!
Airbrush is the newest technology in makeup ad it has come a long way.
I compare traditional makeup and airbrush makeup lien this: you can drive a Honda or a BMW. They both are great and reliable but one surely out does the other.
Same goes with traditional liquid foundation compared to a flawless-lightweight airbrush foundation.

Where do we travel to?

Anywhere! Mainly: Philly, surrounding areas, bucks county, Nj, Nj Shore (Cape May-Congress Hall, Stone Harbor, The Reeds)  NYC, Poconos….we have you covered!

And we love Destination weddings: Riviera Maya, Aruba, California, Sedona, Sanibel Island, The Florida Keys, Miami and more.